ARCS Advanced Recursive Calibrated Structure. Continuing education and teaching certifications for physical therapists and other recovery-focused health professionals. Only ARCS Professionals can certify Tai Chi Boost Instructors.

This Certification ensures safe solo practice of the TCB Form and introduces our intellectual framework. Student shows understanding of neuroanatomy basics and their application to mind-body integration. Detailed video analysis required.

This course provides a foundation for all TCB-ARCS Certifications. Neuroscience based training tools designed for health professionals to better engage clients in their own recovery. A certified Tai Chi Boost professional facilitates more conscious movement to develop a deliberately heathy lifestyle.

TCB Instructors certify TCB Practitioners.

ARCS Method Practitioner Certification is for established soma practitioners and physical therapists. Prerequisite: Must exhibit professional mastery of the complete Tai Chi Boost curriculum and complete in person interview process. ARCS = Advanced Recursive Calibrated Structure

Certified ARCS Method Instructors teach the teachers and grant ARCS Method Practitioner Certifications.