Rediscover Natural Power and Grace

Tai Chi Boost is a series of gentle movements comprising a 'form' that improves posture and balance. Our neuroscience-based meditation methods increase mental strength. Recovering clients can improve mind-body integration to discover and maintain a new normal.

Prerequisites: None

The choices we make write a deep, invisible narrative into our body. Our posture is the result of this narrative on our patterns of thought and breath. Once established, changing these patterns is very difficult.

This course begins your journey to a new understanding of mind and body. Intended results include a better understanding of the relations between power, posture, and stress. Using directed breathing and standing meditation we reawaken specific deep connections in the body. These connections, over time, bring lasting change.

This course is for anyone. Those who are unable to stand can train seated or lying down.

The breath is the smallest movement. Breathing is a rhythm and a skill. Trauma interrupts your natural breath rhythm. Reestablishing your healthy rhythm is critical for full recovery and provides opportunity for improvement. Central to maintaining health, good lymphatic circulation is dependent solely on movement. This course helps to establish a new view of the breath movement as a balancing lymphatic pump.

Here it is, the TCB Form. Prerequisite: 100b - The Tai Chi Breath.

The first step is clearly knowing how to focus effort on what matters to success and ignore what does not. Building A Framework for Change is the first step to a new normal.

Persistent intentional effort is the only way to permanently alter posture and breathing. The Tai Chi Boost Mind-Body Inventory provides a method to develop a personalized step by step path to a new normal. In this course, students learn how to identify and safely direct their own recovery.

Getting to a new normal requires hard physical work and mental strength. Willpower alone is not enough, you need a detailed plan to direct your willpower to accomplish specific attainable goals.

This is 13 movement form is based on Yang and Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan, with influences from Xingyi and Bagua. Emphasis is on health and recovery. Prerequisites: TCB-100c, TCB-101, TCB-102, TCB-103.